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LioniX developed its own proprietary integrated optical waveguide technology called TriPleX™. TriPleX™ waveguides form a new class of integrated-optical planar lightwave circuits using low-cost, CMOS-compatible fabrication equipment. The waveguides are based on LPCVD processing of alternating Si3N4 and SiO2 layers.

TriPleX™ technology allows for medium and high index-contrast waveguides that exhibit low channel attenuation. In addition, TriPleX™ waveguides are suitable for operation at wavelengths ranging from 400 nm through 2.35 µm. The high index-contrast and broad wavelength range make the TriPleX™ technology extremely suitable for a variety of applications ranging from telecom to sensing.
LioniX designs, develops and manufactures customized chips, usually on silicon substrates. For sensing applications and optofluidics we also use fused silica substrates.
Chips designs are either completely tailored to our customers needs, or based on standard elements in a design library. The latter options offers the possibility to our customers to design their own chips and to participate in one of our Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs.

Typical elements applied in our optical chips are:

  • Spot size converters and Interposers
  • Low loss single mode and multimode integrated optical waveguides
  • Directional Couplers
  • Splitters and combiners
  • Design control of refractive index of TE and TM modes to obtain zero birefringence
  • Sensing windows, Tunable Ring Resonators, Young- and Mach-Zehnder interferometers
  • Tunable Frequency filters and Ring Resonators
  • Modal filters and converters
  • Optical add-drop multiplexers
  • OBFNs (Optical Beam Forming Networks)

Solutions based on this integrated optics:

  • Integrated Laser–Beam Combiner for XiO Photonics
  • Biomarker analysis using monolithic integrated multiplexing micro-opto-fluidics for PLC Diagnostics
  • Sensitive Integrated Optical Sensors for Optisense

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